Approved by AICTE , DTE (DTE Code : 6760), Govt of Maharashtra and Affiliated to Savitribai Phule Pune University.
Accredited by NAAC with ‘A’ Grade
Approved by AICTE , DTE (DTE Code : 6760), Govt of Maharashtra and Affiliated to Savitribai Phule Pune University.
Accredited by NAAC with ‘A’ Grade

Best Practice 2 – LFDP

1. Title of the Practice: Lotus Family Development Program (LFDP) for Faculty and Staff Members development

2. Objectives of the Practice: 

IQAC department has started a Lotus Family Development program with some objectives which are as follows-

  1. To encourage faculty and staff members by providing the platform for knowledge sharing and imbibe learning ability.
  2. To build confidence and harmony among peer groups and boost peer learning.
  3. To foster a continuous learning environment by contributing to the development of peers.

3. The Context:

It is of utmost importance for every faculty and staff member to adopt the mechanism of Learn-Unlearn-Learn because if working professionals don’t adopt and upgrade themselves they may become obsolete just like technology does.

Institute has introduced the word Family Development Program (FDP) with an idea that we at LBS, consider each staff member as a family member and we believe that each family member of the institute should be developed “Together we intend to grow as a FAMILY”.

The faculty members are aware of the fact that the current generation of students has become more tech-savvy and the questions that they ask are also very creative this comes as a challenge to faculty members and they have to be in a position to answer those questions first and also be in a position to convince and support those answers with relevant and real-life examples.

4. The Practice:

The Lotus Family Development Program (FDP) is a continuous activity that is followed by Lotus Business School to keep faculty members and staff members abreast with changing and challenging business environments.

The internal family development program activity is started by preparing the academic calendar by the faculty coordinator. This FDP is conducted for both teaching and non-teaching members. Each faculty selects the topics of his / her choice in-line with current and future challenges that needs to be addressed and the same is informed to the nominated faculty coordinator. After receiving the topics from the faculty members a time-table is prepared and circulated.

The FDP is conducted through case studies, presentations and experiential learnings, management games, book reviews etc.

Topics covered in FDP

  • Different platforms for Online Shopping
  • How to Solve Case Study
  • Use of Social Media for Personal Branding
  • Conflict Management
  • Book Review-Five dysfunctions of a team
  • Understand Union Budget
  • Basic of Computer for Troubleshooting
  • Organic Food – Need of an hour
  • MS EXCEL as Data Management Tool
  • Personal Financial Planning
  • Use of IoT to track daily health routine
  • Read 2 Rise
  • Importance of Insurance
  • Daily Banking Operating
  • Public Speaking and Presentation Skill
  • Individual Tax planning
  • “Managing Work Life Balance – A Juggling Act”
  • Know your Car
  • Understanding your kid (know your kid)
  • Human Rights

At the end of each FDP session refreshments are organized to improve team cohesiveness and overall coordination among peers.

5. Evidence of Success:

The Family Development Program (FDP) activity has helped and encouraged faculty and staff members to come forward and share their knowledge and skills with peer members. The FDP initiative has given a platform for non-teaching members as well to share their skills and expertise through various topics resulting in the holistic development of the team.

This platform has also refreshed the learning ability of the team which otherwise may not have been possible. This activity has built confidence and harmony among group members. The FDP activity has contributed to nurturing a continuous learning attitude.

After starting this FDP everyone realizes that the topics covered by all staff members are helping them to update their professional skills and support in personal development. Sessions on individual tax planning, the importance of insurance, understanding union budget, Use of E-banking in daily banking operations, and work-life balance are the eye opener for staff members. Now every staff member is trying to implement practices whatever they learn from Family Development Program.

6. Problem Encountered and Resources required:

As a human beings, everyone is good in certain areas in their personal life and in professional life. It has been seen that most of the time we never share skill and knowledge with others because of lack of confidence and requirement from peers & collogues. So IQAC initiated this Family Development Program to provide a platform and confidence to all staff members to share their knowledge and skill with the whole Lotus family. At the initial stage, some staff shows interest and some hesitated especially non-teaching staff to participate but now everyone is participating in this family development program. Every staff member is busy in their daily work but now all staff members welcomed this activity considering that this activity required time, effort, and commitment over and above what they were currently executing and appreciated the importance of knowledge sharing and cross-functional implementation the team contributed to the activity.

7. Notes (Optional): 

The institute aims at continuing this FDP activity each year and will encourage each teaching and non-teaching team member to contribute and share their knowledge, skills, and expertise by conducting at least one FDP in a year, this activity will be inculcated as a part of LBS culture, Furthermore, after an FDP session is conducted by a team member the institute has planned to felicitate that team member with a token of appreciation. After the sessions now it is planned to take feedback from all staff to enhance the skill of staff members.