IT Lab

Excellent Seating Arrangement

At LBS , the intention is to keep our institute at the forefront of technology applications in management education. This implies constantly innovating, evolving as well as adapting to changing realities. The Lab is designed such that there is ample space for movement and for working on the desk. The seating arrangement also ensures easy group making and discussions.

Computer Lab Infrastructure

We take a broad approach that not just involves the computer center in the faculty, but the infrastructure backup in the libraries, class rooms, hostels, video-conferencing facilities and the Internet. Faculty, staff and students play crucial roles in identifying needs, embracing new technologies, and using applications in creative ways. We harness the role of technology as a critical enabler in all our operations and hence the team includes representation from the all the student societies, recruitment & media team along with core faculty support.

Our Philosophy

The idea is to use computers as a strategic enabler to achieve the larger objective and more resources at the students' hands making IT a normal part of life in a cost effective manner.

Computer Hardware Infrastructure

The systems are supported by high speed network laser printers, Scanners and CD writers. The centre is equipped with variety of software such as Windows, MS-Office 2000, SPSS 10.0, Lotus SmartSuite, Corel Word Perfect, Harvard Graphics. A number of business and management software and business games like Business Simulation, Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management, Quantitative Analysis, Multi Dimensional Scaling etc. are also available in the centre.