Live Projects

Lotus Business School of management, Pune curriculum has been formed with the interaction of Industry Professionals. The fulfillment of need of the Industry and the KSA (Knowledge, Skill, Attitude) requirement of the student is the prime focus of Lotus. The pedagogy of Lotus B-school management, Poona is designed to ensure that the students are made Industry ready. In a bid to do the same, the Live Projects play one of the most important roles. Live Projects are the projects given by the Industry to these students on situations/problems/research that they are currently facing themselves. The learning of the candidate in this style of teaching is immense as it is a real situation and a situation that the candidate will have to deal in his future corporate life also. In order to guide the student, there will be a Mentor of Lotus Centre who will ensure that the students when commit a mistake would be enriched in their experience and would avoid the pitfalls in the future.