Mentorship Program

“Mentoring is a brain to pick, an ear to listen, and a push in the right direction.” – John Crosby

A perfect definition of what a mentor is and a philosophy strongly adhered to and followed by the Institute. Today’s Competitive scenario needs that the student not only be qualified with the academic knowledge but also with the requisite skills needed for the Industry. As the Industry Scenario in India becomes more and more dynamic and is undergoing a continuous change, it is a herculean challenge to get the students polished and ready for the Corporate world within the 2 years of education.

Designed with the inputs of eminent scholars and qualified psychologists, the program takes into account the current state of the student (at the time of joining) and the required state of skill sets that the Industry is wanting.
Through its self designed scientific method of evaluation, the Mentorship program quantifies the quality parameters of the student and gives a starting point to the Mentors to work on their respective mentees. With every mentor being assigned only 8 candidates for 2 years, the mentee needs to ensure that he gets from the mentor everything that he desires.

At the same time the Mentor has the perfect quantitative evaluation of a Mentee’s personality and skill sets. This helps the Mentor to not only understand his mentee but also his style of thinking and his attitude and his personality. Accordingly by the Gap Analysis, he understands the shortfall or the limitations in his mentee. He then accordingly starts giving the requisite inputs and the direction through the strength areas of the Mentee.

This is one of the unique style of mentoring which combines the scientific method as well as the intellectual capabilities of the mentors. The entire mapping of the student in terms of his personality, IQ, EQ and the Various Intelligence parameters and strength area is done scientifically. Through this a target point (based on current Industry scenario) is chalked out and the qualified and experienced mentor then guides the mentee through the path to ultimately help him reach his target point.

This Mentoring Style of Lotus Business School, Pune has been filed for a Patent and would become its Intellectual property right. Lotus Business School-one of the leading MBA Institutes in Pune, though just a 4 year old Business School has been investing heavily in the Research & Development of Innovative Methods of teaching and enhancing learning. Approved by AICTE, Lotus Business School, Pune has on its board academicians who are alumni of the prestigious institutes like the Harvard University, IIMs, JBIMS as well as Heads who have worked with various Corporates including Siemens, HCL, Kenstar, Edelweiss, Kotak, Bajaj, Gujarat Tea Traders, JK Securities, SavenIndia etc.