1.Mentorship (Monthly):
The exercise a mentorship is done with a holistic intends to make the student realize on his/her own as to what his/her shortcomings are? & how he/she can improve on them by taking the onus & the responsibility of doing so on himself/herself.

2.Psychometric test (Monthly):
psychometric test, the result of which bring out the various facts of his/her personality that enhance his/her ability to learn to various mediums such as linguistic, logical, mathematical, spatial visual, musicality etc. It also help in identifying typical notes, preferences & potential careers that he/she is inclined towards & his/her capability to do the same.

3.NGO Projects of students divided in groups (Once in a year):
Apart from the holistic aim of bringing about social consciousness in the student but also the self realization that ail the student with curtails ills like a problem of alcoholism by assigning the students to work for a NGO that help alcoholics.

4.Live Assignments : (Weekly)

5.KSAEE Pedagogy (Knowledge, Skills, Attitude, Exposure, Experience)

6.Career Progression Program (CPP): In modules through MBA.

7.Allocated slot for Case Studies apart from the case studies taken in the class room. (Weekly)

8.Invited Alumni to come in class & discuss the job description of sector in which they are working: (Weekly)

9.English Marathon: (4 days in a week).

10.SMART (Sales, Marketing, Recruitment, Training) : (Weekly) Highlight of this workshop: Ideation for lead generation.

11.Competency Mapping (Semester wise)

12.One to one interaction between student and the industry expert for mapping & final placement.

13.One to one interaction between student and the academic expert with frequent intervals from outside institutes for mapping of their academic growth.14.Business plan competition for students, judged by angel investors.