Student Testimonials

Lotus Business school has presented me with various opportunities such as projects, live assignments and industry exposure which has enhanced my managerial skills. Experienced and specialized teachers have stretched me to reach my full potential through continual challenges and support. Thanks Lotus!!

Karan Sugandhi

Well, the faculties are absolutely having combined package of knowledge and industry experience which helps students to gather required skill sets which industry exactly wants. Students gets shape up with the help of faculty with the perfect opportunity for placement , which every Management students wants after his/her completion of degree !! Thanks for the beautiful journey Lotus !!

Sanket Inamdar

Lotus Business School shaped me from the day one to face the corporate world. The environment in the placement cell (Mini Corporate World would be the right term) has taught me to be innovative and meticulous in approach to any strategic goals set for a professional. Whether the work scope is within domain of expertise or not, a proper approach can solve all issues in hand. It’s because of the knowledge i gained in Lotus Business School. It was the support of my teachers/ mentors which motivated me to THINK BIG & GET BIG. Thank You Lotus Business School for bringing a positive attitude to face challenges

K Roshani Rao

Lotus business school has given me a platform for identifying and developing my skills, my competencies and helping me to grow as a professional. It has always encouraged its students, may it be in sports or in academics or in events. It has always been successful in giving us enough exposure. The teachers and the staff of Lotus Business School have always been supportive enough and have also guided us and made possible that our queries have been solved. I would like to thank Lotus Business School for everything that has been provided for us to mould ourselves and helped us in our journey from being an amateur to a professional.

Pushkarni Khade

Lotus business school has developed the overall personality of the students, boosted confidence in them and provides with wide knowledge and exposure to the world booming economy. Personally i was very impressed with the quality of the teaching, faculty support, and ensuring that each student gets a perfect blend of both academic theory and practical business experience. The group is headed by visionary leaders who think ahead of time and I am proud to be having associated with lotus business school”

Pradeep Bhoyar

The extensive and all-round cooperation and support from academic and non-academic staff has been commendable and really helped me to succeed in my chosen course. My program was extremely professional and industry based… and gave me the opportunity to develop my strengths and helped me identify professional opportunities and work towards them. Studying at Lotus has equipped me with professional and practical knowledge which I strongly believe is a life-long skill.

Prachi Desai

It was a couple of years back I joined Lotus Business School. I was confused whether I made a right choice? But the last two years has been the answer of my question. Yes I did, those were the most valuable years of my life, where I realised that “gaining knowledge is an endless process but shaping attitude have always been the first step towards the journey of success. Eminent faculties and guest lecturers, mentorship programme, summer internship, workshops and live projects has sharpen my skills and encouraged my wills to achieve all that I desired for. Finally my tenure in Lotus came to an end with numerous opportunities of employment. Thank you LBS. I appreciate your embrace !!

Tanmoy Biswas

I am Lachit Brahma Presently working with Reliance Retail Limited, I am proud to say that, I was a student of Lotus Business School, the college which brought my dreams come true. I am glad and grateful to all my faculties, director who gave me full support during my academics and help on my present job placement.

Lachit Brahma

“Encouraging us to be more independent and the freedom to think and act on our own’- This, I would say, is the best thing I felt about Lotus – something that you get only in very few management colleges. Our knowledge and skills were enlightened with care by well qualified and magnificent faculty members. Lotus offered a high quality academic curriculum including CPP(Career Progression Programme), which was important in order to broaden my horizons and challenge my way of thinking. It gave a platform where you can build your personality, team work, build your leadership skills and can grow for higher heights. Lotus has expanded my career possibilities in the future by giving me the big picture and knowledge basis to apply toward a focused career path based on specialized skills.”

Abhiruchi Kumari

There are majorly two reasons of doing MBA. First is a holistic view towards understanding a business and Second Skill and Knowledge acquisition. In Lotus the curriculum is designed to make the student corporate ready. Through its various programs like Project Management, EXIM, SAP and Viral Marketing part of the CPP curriculum they try to nurture the value required by every professional. The Faculty as well as the facilities provided by the college are fantastic. Faculties are a good mix of youth and experience. Finance faculties have good corporate experience and there experience proves fruitful for the students.

shriram Totala