A symposium on fostering innovation

Lotus Business School, an enterprising management institute on the landscape of Pune with a living philosophy, a strengthened belief system and a vision“Innovating Business Leadership”

Has taken the onus upon itself of building a culture that fosters innovation and creativity. It is with this endeavor that it unfolds a national level symposium titled Synnovation Every year.

The symposium aims at a four-fold purpose:

1. To define, describe and explain innovation in your domain citing examples from rich experience of various dignitaries
2. To understand significance of innovation in

  • Products / Services
  • Process
  • Managerial / Functional / Organizational excellence.

3. To endorse the relevance of innovation to industry at large and to participating audience

The aforesaid ideology is imbibed amongst participating students in and around Pune and select few from across the country. The audience consists of faculties of various colleges. It also boasts of practicing innovators with industry professionals lending a significant presence to the occasion.

Lotus B School, Pune, Intends to build a culture that inculcates, facilitates and nurtures innovation through a series of discourses from eminent personalities representing diverse sectors such as Technology, Manufacturing, HR, Media, Entrepreneurs and the Government on topics such as Products, Processes, Services, and mindsets.

Every Year, The institute garners consent from established innovators from the top management of renowned organizations to grace the occasion and help to facilitate the community innovate.

Happy Innovating!